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Light Photon

Light Photon

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Adjustable table lamp providing diffused lighting. Light Photon is equipped with a unique Organic LED Light sources and uses the latest development in nanotechnology and functional chemistry. It is a complex stack of thin molecular layers of organic materials that produces white light. The full diode, including electrodes is 200nm thick, and constructed in extra pure and clean environment. The ORGANIC LED technology is currently a unique solution to build large emitting surface sources as opposed to inorganic LED that are limited to high power but small surfaces components. The ORGANIC LED light sources have the appearance of a thin foil of light laminated between two high purity glass sheets. The color of the ORGANIC LED is directly linked to the material mix used in the emitting layers allowing us to select the white light nuance as a painter would do with his palette. The ORGANIC LEDs can be directly recycled in existing glass waste chain, this high rate of recyclability classifies the ORGANIC LED among the most environmental friendly light sources.

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Light Photon
Vidro, Aço Inox
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